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Our mission is to make home wellness accessible for everyone. We believe focusing on our wellness and health is far and away a better solution than dumping billions of dollars into masking easily preventable disease and illness.

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First Class Products

Creating the highest quality products for your home healthcare and wellness needs. Carefully designed, produced and manufactured with your wellbeing in mind.

Accessible for Everyone

Dr.@home © products are made specifically for accessibility - pried right, easy to use and easy to find online and at your local pharmacy

Medical Grade Accuracy

Dr.@home © products provide professional grade accuracy and quality with ease of use, and the comfort of your home.

Meaningful Innovations

Product innovation is driven from constant customer and user feedback, making sure - your healthcare and wellness needs are met, now and in the future

our products

Hear Your Baby's Heartbeat,
from Your Bed

Hi! Baby Sounder - Your at home Fetal Doppler Easy to use, medical grade accuracy and a great way to connect with your unborn baby, through all the ups and downs of pregnancy.

Safe & Stylish
Diabeties Socks

Non-slip Socks for Diabetics Ditch your garish hospital socks and stay on your feet with this fashionable footwear.

5 in 1 Seated Cane - Smart , Elegant & Sturdy
5 functions in 1 with a Seat!

Get out and about, living your life on the go knowing that this clever cane will keep you safe and supported

Breathe Easy & Safely
Dr.@Home Portable Air Purifier

Convenient, light weight, accessible and a powerful tool to escape from dust, pollution and other unwanted airborne menaces

Tinnitus Hearing Aids
Tinnitus Correction Hearing Aids

Get immediate relief without paying through the roof with these top-notch hearing aids. Leave the ringing for the doorbells.

Gelixr - Ultra Sound Gel
Ultrasound and doppler gel

Used with the hi Baby Fetal Sounder, this gelixr is the perfect pair to hear your baby and nourish your skin at the same time

Innovative Technology

Designed and created with the everyday user, innovation is only as valuable as the outcome it provides. We know how important your health is to you, which is why we focus on supporting your health and wellness to avoid any unnecessary visit to the doctors. Powerful innovation is within your grasp with V6CO’s market leading medical technology. Our products are manufactured in a world class plant, with results speaking for themselves.

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Take charge of your wellbeing from the comfort of your home with our all-new Dr.@home product line.

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From the front line to your bedroom, learn how V6CO used its expertise to help the world get through the pandemic.

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