Comfortable & Stylish Non-Slip Socks for Diabetics

Non-slip Diabetic Socks for Men and Women - Look Good & Feel Good.
Stylish, Comfortable, and Safe

For diabetics, looking after your feet must be one of your top priorities. Poor circulation and challenges with healing mean any cut, bruise, or ulcer on your foot can become disastrous very rapidly. Combined with, reduced sensation in your feet means you’re both less likely to feel if you have a foot injury and you’re at a much higher risk of falling, which can lead to serious injuries.

Get all the advantages of great foot care, without footwear that makes you look like you’ve just stepped out of hospital! V6CO has developed the ultimate safe and stylish sock for diabetic men and women.
Our breathable anti-slip socks come in various sizes and colors so you can choose the best diabetic socks for you.

How Diabetic Anti-Slip Socks Help

Your physician or relative might be ordering you to wear non-slip socks, but do you know why?

Prevent Dangerous Falls

Your health is precious and slip hazards are everywhere! Anti-slip gripped foot pads help you to avoid falling and minimize the chance for a hospital visit

Reduce Pressure on Your Feet

Diabetic’s feet can be fragile and injure easily. With a comfortable non-binding top band, and sports padded soles, these socks are extremely gentle on your feet.

Treat Your Feet Right

The breathable and skin friendly materials make this sock perfect to keep your feet moisture-free and feeling soft.

Product Overview

Made to make your life easier, your feet more comfortable and to support healthy blood flow, our anti-slip diabeties socks stay up, dont restrict and are perfect for all skin types and feet sizes.

Fully Padded

Sports style foot padding to help cushion your soles.

Tread grippers

Anti-slip grip keep you balanced and prevent falls.

Comfortable Non-binding Top Band

Compression free socks that don’t leave a mark at the end of the day

Moisture Wicking Breathable Material

Prevent moisture build up and circulate air around your feet.

Sensitive Skin Friendly

Gentle material that won’t cause a rash, even with extended use

Look Good & Feel Good

Diabetes socks, that look like anything but diabetes socks

Additional Product Information

Choose from 6 wonderful color variations and sizes to fit any feet. Being at risk of nerve damage, individuals with diabetes are keenly aware of foot health and overall circulation. Wearing thr right sock for your foot and lifestyle makes the difference of a lifetime.

Wearable for any occasion – walking, sports, going out on the town or just resting at home. Soft and breathable materials provide gentle skin protection for your feet, and the tread anti-slip technology with padded sole will help keep your feet safe from harm. With the V6CO Diabetic Anti-slip Socks your feet will feel right at home.

Protect your feet today

It’s time to take more care of your precious and fragile diabetic feet. Click below to get the best diabetic socks and start your journey to health and wellness!