PUMP-Y Breast Pump

Comfortable, stylish, and
highly versatile!

Designed with you in mind

Comfortable design and high-quality materials to maximize relaxation when pumping breastmilk with the Pump-Y.

100% BPA-free so your baby is not being exposed to any harmful toxins or chemicals.

The easy-to-read LED display panel allows you to adjust the setting to your own comfort, making pumping safer and more comfortable.

Product Features

The Pump-Y Breast Pump is designed to facilitate pumping for several types of breastfeeding mothers. From a variety of suction settings to adjustable vacuum options and other exciting features, this pump is perfect for both those who express milk easily as well and those who might require a little more time and effort to produce and express milk.
The Pump-Y Breast Pump is innovative and comes with a variety of quality accessories including a high-comfort silicone cushion, dust covers, easy-to-clean bottles, and much more. Pumping with Pump-Y Pump is comfortable, effortless, and easy, thus allowing you to get back to other things on your to-do list.

Pumping Options

The Pump-O Breast Pump comes with a variety of pump settings to facilitate easy pumping. The pump is designed for stationary use so you can pump within the comforts of your own home. It includes a 2-phase expression mode, double pump mode, double suction mode, stimulation mode, and lots more for safe and effective pumping and breastfeeding.

Additional Product Information

Lightweight and easy to store without taking up space

Seamlessly matches your baby’s feeding pattern to stimulate milk ejection reflex (MER) and make pumping more natural

Quick and easy set up to initiate pumping in just a few minutes

Automatic shut off after 30 minutes

Easy to clean and sterilize for next use

Bright and easy-to-read display panel

Alternatives to Pump-Y Double Electronic Breast Pump

Take your breastfeeding to the next level with our new and innovative Pump-Y Breast Pump. If you are looking for a handsfree breast pump that matches your active, on-the-go lifestyle, then the handsfree 3D wearable Pump-O breast pump is perfect for you.