Pump-O 3D Wearable Breast Pump

Silent, Hand’s-Free, and
Incredibly Comfortable!

Wearable 3D Breast Pump

Our pump can easily be tucked under your bra and worn on the go.

Its ergonomic design molds to the shape of your breast, to provide maximum comfort and subtlety.

Comes with a variety of different-sized breast shields to fit breasts of all shapes and sizes.

For Moms on the Go!

If you’re a mom who lives with a diary that’s bursting at the seams at all times, someone who’s out and about and always on the go, then you need a feeding pump to match. An active lifestyle requires portability, and that’s exactly what the Pump-O Breast Pump offers! Lightweight and with a built-in, chargeable lithium-ion battery, this pump will have you covered, wherever you go! Don’t think its diminutive size means it doesn’t also come with a variety of modes, too, however!

A Range of Different Modes!

As well as stimulation and expression modes, the Pump-O also comes with an impressive five different intensity (vacuum) settings. That makes it perfect for both easy and reluctant expressers, alike. Pumping and breastfeeding have never been so easy or simple! The pump also comes with a built-in timer, so that your pump will automatically turn off after 30 minutes, to help ensure you don’t over-express.

Pump-O Breast Pump

The Pump-O Breast Pump has been designed with you in mind, so that you can carry on living your busy, active schedule, whilst also being able to express as you do so! Quiet, comfortable, and hands-free, it really is the best breast pump for the busy moms out there.

Additional Product Information

Easy to charge: your pump can be charged with a USB-C cable (such as the one many phones use to charge) meaning no fancy, expensive adaptors are needed!

Your pump can easily be assembled and placed within your bra. It should take no more than a couple of minutes (at most).

A silicon cushion ensures maximum comfort whilst expressing, helping to reduce any tenderness or irritation around the breast.

Pump-O Breast Pump

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