Minimizing the Risk of Slips, Trips and Falls - One Person at a Time - Announcing the Launch of the Guardian Air Vest.

Minimizing the Risk of Slips, Trips and Falls - One Person at a Time - Announcing the Launch of the Guardian Air Vest.

By Myrah M.

Shockingly, there is an estimated 684,000 individuals who die from falls each and every year. This is not including all the injuries which are sustained, many which can be life a altering in a profoundly negative way. This is ever more exacerbated for the senior and elderly community - where a fall can be life altering and debilitating.

This is why we at V6CO are launching the Guardian Air Vest - a brand new product aimed to help those who are most at risk for injury when falling. Fall injuries can happen any where and any time and are especially hard on the senior and elder community as mentioned.

By bringing this incredible personal protection device designed for active seniors and elderly individuals; those at the highest risk for slips, trips, and falls - The Guardian Air Vest will bring confidence, peace of mind and security to both individuals wearing them, and their loved ones.

Being the first of its kind, combining the latest in sensor technology with stylish, comfortable and easily wearable design - It's the perfect solution for anyone looking to stay active and independent while also keeping themselves safe.

One of the key features of the Guardian Air Vest is its advanced & reusable airbag system. In the event of a fall, the airbags will automatically inflate, providing crucial support and protection to the head, neck, shoulders, back and hips. The airbags are designed to reduce the impact of a fall and help prevent serious injury.

The Guardian Air Vest is accessible, easy to order, easy to reuse and easy to operate since once you put it on, and activate it - it’s a system that works on its own.

The Guardian Air Vest is now available for purchase directly through our website and through select senior/elder care facilities. We encourage you to take a closer look and see how the Guardian Air Vest can make a difference in your life or the life of a loved one.

If you have questions, inquires and want to know more - please don't hesitate to email us at

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