Ino Health Ring Ring

Ino Health Ring Ring
Your Health on Hand and at a Glance.

Keeping track of your health, regardless of where you are on your wellness journey - has never been more important or easier.
What to monitor, how to monitor it, what it all means and how they work together can rapidly turn from enjoyment to burdensome. We make it easy by doing the work for you - welcome to Ino Health Ring Ring.
Look inside the little black box of what constitutes wellness. While everyone is different - there are key aspects we’re able to help you monitor, track, record and benchmark to see how you stack up...against yourself and your goals.
With consistent 24/7 health monitoring (as long as you’re wearing it), gain meaningful insight into: your heart rate, your temperature, sleep patterns, hydration and more.

How the Ino Health Ring Ring Works

Consistent contact to your skin allows the health monitor Ring to consistently monitor your vitals, to store this information and parse the data giving you clear insights on how your body is operating.

Workout Tracking & Bench-marking

With all the smart ring fitness tracking features, automatically glean insights into how your fitness activities and workouts impact your body.

Temperature Monitoring, Alerts & Updates

Monitor your body temperature throughout the day and get alerts to drastic is a foundation

Heart Rate Tracking

Working out & resting - get real time active heart rate updates in the event of irregular heart symptoms.

Blood Oxygen Monitoring

Accurate, easy and persistent monitoring of your blood oxygen levels

Sleep Tracking

Track accurate sleep trends and understand the quality of your rest to live more fully each day

Step Tracking/Pedometer

Total body wellness starts with moving, this helps you track every step of the way

Product Overview

Sleep Tracking

Track and monitor REM sleep patterns to improve sleep cycles

Temperature Monitoring

Precise and constant tracking of fevers and hypothermia.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Accurate 24/7 monitoring of your well being and fitness.

Energy Boosting Minerals

The geranium volcanic magnet boosts your energy from within.

Emergency Alert System

Get automatically notified at the first sign that you’re sick.

Easy Pay & Go

Contactless payments with integrated NFC technology

More product information

Mobius is waterproof, heat resistant, comfortable to wear and looks good all at the same time. With a timelessly elegant design and made to be lightweight and unobtrusive you’ll forget its there.

Made with heavy duty crystal ceramic, this protects the delicate enhanced built-in sensors and smart NFC technology, so you can wear this health tracker all day without worry.

Slip the Ino Health Ring Ring on & go. It’s so simple to start tracking your health – it really is that easy! With login free function even your technophobe older relatives will be able to keep an eye on their health.

Integrated geranium volcanic minerals helps balance your internal energy and boost your health. You’ll notice how easy it is to keep on top of your health and wellness with the best health tracking ring available.

Get your health back on track

Whether you want to monitor your health, help a loved one stay safe, or show off your new smart ring to your friends, we’ve got you. Get the V6CO Ino Health Ring Ring today.