Air Sounder Hearing Aids

Air Sounder Hearing Aids
The Smart, Easy & Connected Hearing Solution

Are you sick of the endless fittings and malfunctioning hearing aids? Losing your hearing is frustrating enough without all the added trouble.

With the Air Sounder Hearing Aids, you can ditch all the hassle, the cost, the risk and appointments and personalize your hearing experience. Air Sounder hearing aids provide a big sound at a small price easy for everyone to have access. Our in-ear hearing aids offer a smart digital hearing solution ad an affordable price. Combining cutting edge hearing aid technology with the convenience of Bluetooth headphones - you can hear the savings.

How Air Sounder Hearing Aids can help you

Let’s be honest – hearing aids can suck; the money from your bank account, the joy from the concert and be a cause of constant frustration. With poorly fitting designs, bad construction breating break down, or even make screeching noises in your ears. Avoid these annoyances and get the best digital hearing solution.

Rejoin the Conversation

No more sitting pleasantly at the dinner table without being able to hear what everyone else is saying.

When and Where You Need It

With the convenient carry case you can turn your hearing on (or if you enjoy your selective hearing – off) at a moment’s notice.

One Stop Shop - All In One Place

Get all your favorite multimedia directly into your ears by connecting to your phone, computer, or TV.

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Product Overview

Personalized Listening Analysis

App based hearing analysis to create a custom tailored hearing experience.

Superior All Day Comfort

Wear your hearing aids for as long as you need - without pain or irritation

Multimedia Perfection

Take calls, listen to music, and hear what’s going on around you – all in one.

Smart, Simple & Unique design

Beautiful tech that’s easy to use.

Intelligent Algorithms

Automatically adjusts your listening profile by monitoring the environment.

Long Lasting - Hear When it Matters

Combining the longevity of the best battery, with recharging available in your pocket .

More product information

Our Air Sounder Hearing Aids are perfect for bilateral or unilateral hearing loss – you can use the smart app to curate sounds that fit perfectly with your life. With a tailored sound profile that adjusts to the world around you, stop fiddling with your hearing aid and let the smart app do all the work.

We know that sometimes you need some peace and quiet – simply put your hearing aids back in the carry case so that they’re ready to use whenever you need them next!

Peak Output OSPL90: 114 dB
HF Average OSPL90: 106 db
Peak Full-on Gain: 36 db
HF Average Full-on Gain: 30 db
WDRC Frequency Range: 200 ~ 6000Hz
Bluetooth Frequency Response Range: 20 ~ 20000Hz
Total Harmonic Distortion 500Hz: 1.10%
Total Harmonic Distortion 800Hz: 0.4%
Total Harmonic Distortion 1600Hz: 0.4%
Battery Current: 5mA
Equivalent Input Noise Level: 20 dB
Attack Time: 3.0 ms
Release Time: 120 ms

Ready to hear the world around you?

The Air Sounder Hearing Aids make it easy to listen to what you want, when you want it.