Electronic Blood Pressure Machine (Sphygmomanometer)

Electronic Sphygmomanometer Light the Rhythm of Life with Technology

Hypertension is a serious condition that can cause heart disease and stroke. Monitoring your blood pressure levels is critical. The V6CO medical-grade blood pressure monitor is a top-of-the-line device that offers accurate blood pressure readings for home monitoring.

An accurate reading is vital for any blood pressure monitor. You need a device that measures blood pressure accurately and is easy to use.

The V6CO blood pressure monitor does just that. It uses oscillometry with an upper-arm measurement for a reliable sphygmomanometer range of 40bpm to 240pbm. The V6CO's adult-sized, tight-fitting cuff ensures accuracy, and the simple instruction reduces the risk of user error.

Why Choose Our Smart Blood Pressure Monitor?

Monitoring blood pressure is one of the most important things you can do to protect your health. High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a leading cause of heart disease and stroke. The V6CO blood pressure monitor is a high-end gadget offering accurate blood pressure readings for home monitoring.

The V6CO blood pressure monitor is easy to use and offers a big font for easy reading to ensure you or your loved one can read the blood pressure results correctly. The small size and tight fit help safeguard the device from false readings, which are common with poor quality blood pressure monitors. There's no need to rely on a Wi-Fi signal or charger with the V6CO blood pressure monitor. It operates on four AA batteries or a 5V power adaptor, so you'll be able to use it anywhere. The device also has a low battery and error information indication, so you'll always be aware of any problems.

Product Overview

The V6CO blood pressure monitor is a medical-grade electronic sphygmomanometer that uses oscillometry for accuracy.

Support Voice Broadcasting
High Pressure Prompt
Start measuring manually, recrd each measurement data, and store up to 199 groups of data.
LED color screen. Automatic Power off when there is no operation for a long time, achieves saving Power
Low battery and error information indication
Optional units: mmHg and kPa

product information

Learn more about the perfect portable smart V6CO sphygmomanometer used worldwide in homes and medical offices.

Compact (Small Volume)

Carry it with you wherever you go. The Smart BP monitoring device is lightweight and easy to store.

One-key Measurement

This blood pressure monitor takes one-key measurements, ensuring an accurate reading the first time.

East to Operate

The blood pressure monitor is easy to use. Wrap the cuff around your arm, turn it on, and hit the "M". The monitor will do the rest.

Big Font Display

The blood pressure monitor has a big font display, making it easy to read your blood pressure results.

Easy to Understand

Understand each reading with a traditional 40bpm to 240pbm output.

Easy to Use

The medical-grade office- and home-use BP monitoring device is simple to operate.

Perfect Portable Blood Pressure Monitor

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